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Conversis Releases Report on Sweden : Report Addresses Swedens Social Democracy and Prosperous Econ


Tuesday, 3 October, 2006

OXFORD, England -- Conversis, a translation and localization company based in the UK and US has just released an additional country report for its Cultural Commentaries: A Closer Look section, on the Website. Focusing on Sweden, the report addresses the Scandinavian country's social democracy and prosperous economy.

Located in Northern Europe, Sweden is a country with a population of nearly ten million people. Currently, Sweden bears the heaviest tax burden, based on statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which has qualified the taxes in Sweden at 52 percent of GDP compared to 45 percent in France, 37 percent in Great Britain and 29 percent in the United States. However, Sweden's corporate taxes are low, in an international comparison, at 28 percent. Additionally, early experience of international competition has afforded Swedish companies with an advantage over competitors from other, larger markets. This is also perhaps why Sweden has more multinational corporations per capita than almost any other country.

"While so many of the world's countries are struggling, Sweden has managed to develop an economic system where citizens enjoy generous benefits such as a social safety net, healthcare and education," said Gary Muddyman, CEO and Managing Director of Conversis. "As this region continues to prosper and strengthen its economy, it will serve as an important example for other developing nations around the world."

Currently, Sweden has achieved a high standard of living under its mixed system of regulated capitalism and social welfare. It has a modern distribution system, superb internal and external communications and strong presence in the telecommunications, high-tech and automotive sectors. Recently, Sweden has benefited from low inflation and a weak currency. As a result, the country has one of the lowest costs of living within European countries.

"At Conversis, part of our commitment to our customers is to continue to provide information about the ever-changing economies of countries throughout the world," said Muddyman. "As we learn about those countries, it is critical for us to share that knowledge with our customers so they can later consider those findings when planning expansions into other parts of the world."

Reports for Japan and Czech Republic will soon be added to the Website as an additional resource for site visitors. At this time these free reports are available on the Conversis Website at www.conversisglobal.com.

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