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Conversis Launches Cultural Commentaries: A Closer Look


Tuesday, 21 March, 2006

OXFORD, England Conversis, a translation and localization company based in the UK and US has launched a new report service -called Cultural Commentaries: A Closer Look, which presents a cultural overview of doing business in other countries. These free reports, which are available on the Conversis Website at www.conversisglobal.com, offer a unique perspective on various countries.

For companies looking to launch into other markets, these reports provide a basic preview of the political, cultural, social and economic conditions that may affect doing business operations in those foreign countries.

"As more of our clients are planning expansions into other countries, we wanted to provide them with a supplemental tool where they will be able to learn more about those countries' intricacies,"said Gary Muddyman, CEO and managing director of Conversis. "We plan on releasing a new report on a monthly basis and making it available on our Web site."

The reports can be downloaded by visiting the Conversis Website, and are available after logging onto the site. Once the user has established a user name and password, they can continue to access the reports as needed. Currently available reports include China, Germany and Russia.

According to Muddyman, Conversis created the Cultural Commentaries to respond to demand from clients for concise reports on various countries. Each document contains information that can be used in client presentations and meetings or to educate employees who will be travelling abroad or meeting with foreign clients. The reports provide users with the basic information they need to be informed regarding the fundamental conditions within a country, such as type of government, the economic and business climate, and social customs and attitudes.

"While we continue to expand our service offerings, Conversis sees these reports as a tool to be used by company executives to help educate themselves about the social, economic, political and business climates of different countries throughout the world," said Muddyman. "This new program enables clients to access a wealth of valuable information through the Conversis Website which we hope will be a value-added service for our site visitors."

About Conversis
Founded in 2003 and based in the United Kingdom, Conversis is a leading provider of Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation (GILT) services, tailoring business needs to each company's relevant markets worldwide. Serving clients in more than 30 markets worldwide, Conversis is dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of GILT as a strategic business tool. More information can be found at www.conversisglobal.com.

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