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E.g., 04/10/2020

Common Sense Advisory Releases the Localization Maturity Model

Sunday, 10 September, 2006

Copy of benchmarking report provided as GALA prize giveaway at Localization World Montreal
Boston, USA

Localization is a business strategy embraced by both large and medium-sized businesses. It is a black art to some companies, a well-defined process to others, and a continuing journey for most. In implementing such a strategy managers must alter IT infrastructure, operations, marketing messaging, and corporate culture. To help guide global organizations along the localization process, Common Sense Advisory announces its latest research report, "The Localization Maturity Model."

The report describes the localization maturity model (LMM), the firm's adaptation of a capability maturity model (CMM), to the needs of companies translating or adapting software, websites, and software-dependent products so they can be marketed, sold, used, and supported in other markets. The LMM documents the milestones that organizations will pass on their way to localizing their wares or their communication channels.

Specifically, the report includes:
1) an overview of the organizational, process, and technology lifecycles of localization;
2) a discussion of the behaviors, processes, and activities that constitute defined, managed, and repeatable best practices; and
3) recommendations for moving up the maturity ladder.

Common Sense Advisory will exhibit at Localization World Montreal and provide one complete copy of "The Localization Maturity Model" to the GALA prize giveaway (valued at USD 2,500).

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