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Common Sense Advisory Launches Vendor Services Certification Program

Friday, 7 April, 2006

Leading business globalization research and consulting firm Common Sense Advisory, Inc. launched its independent language services provider (LSP) certification program, the 24x7 Online Briefing. This program surveys individual LSPs for detailed information about their companies, their practices, and their specialties. Common Sense Advisory uses this data to confirm the operating status of these vendors, customer satisfaction, and best practices to determine whether they qualify for Validated LSP or Certified LSP status. Later this year, the company will make its database of suppliers available to translation and localization buyers. The 24x7 Online Briefing database will contain valuable information on hundreds of suppliers, allowing buyers to compare and contrast translation companies and their capabilities. This program is unique in offering third-party verification of LSPs, systematic check of customer references, and analysis of their capabilities based on Common Sense Advisory's long-term research into this market.

Language service providers can apply for several free and one fee-based certification levels, including:

- Verified LSP: Companies that complete Common Sense Advisory¬タルs detailed request for information and pass its review of materials will be listed as a qualifying supplier.

- Validated LSP: LSPs that complete the request for information, pass the review of materials, and provide general references that acknowledge the LSP's work and their satisfaction can earn the rank of Validated LSP.

- Certified Industry LSP: Validated LSPs can earn a second rank of Certified Industry Supplier if its references in a vertical industry sector confirm the quality of the company's language work and process.

Explains Common Sense Advisory's COO, Renato Beninatto, "It's too easy to set yourself up in business as a language service provider. Can you translate French into English? Do you have a phone number and a website? Congratulations! Our 24x7 Online Briefing program will examine and certify the ability of LSPs to provide translation and localization services that increase the competitiveness of their customers. Our certification model saves the buyer the time by not having to check references and gives the LSP the opportunity to point to an independent organization that has verified that the it indeed has experience in a certain vertical market."

The vendor certification program and 24x7 online vendor briefing is available at http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com/online_briefing. Interested vendors can login and register to participate in an online briefing.

About Common Sense Advisory
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