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E.g., 04/01/2020

C&M’s CEO Participated in a Panel Discussion during the TM-Europe 2012 Conference.

Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Wednesday, 10 October, 2012

This year’s edition of the conference took place on October 4 and 5 in Warsaw and was dedicated to the future of translation and localization.


The presentations and panel discussions focused on the situation of translators and translation agencies in the midst of a rapidly changing business environment as well as on the ability to respond to changes and the future of translation as a service and a market.


During the panel discussion entitled "MT-Part of the Future or Just Hype" in which C&M’s CEO, Michał Tyszkowski, PhD, took part, was addressed the current situation and the future development of machine translation (MT). During the panel were exchanged views in favor of the idea of machine translation: some see it as a tool for increasing the efficiency of translators, and that might in certain circumstances replace their work. Diametrically opposed opinions were also raised, pleading that machine translation would spoil the market, lower the quality and depreciate of the profession of translator. The conclusion of the discussion was that machine translation is a reality and must be reckoned with. It now befalls on translators to ensure the proper use of this new system, which brings along both tremendous opportunities and equally ominous threats


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Centrum Lokalizacji C&M is one of the leading language service providers operating in the Central and Eastern European market. C&M is currently engaged in developing advanced automated, human-aided terminology management and quality control tools as well as machine translation. The company is also a member of international and domestic trade and professional associations, including GALA, TAUS Data Association, and PSBT.