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Client Portals in Memsource: A New Customer-Focused Solution

Easily and securely work with internal and external translation teams and clients


Friday, 17 March, 2017

Memsource has announced new Client Portals, a new solution for translation providers and internal localization teams.

Client Portals provide easy online access points for external translation buyers and internal corporate department clients to have an overview of their submitted translation departments. This new role enables the user to easily order, monitor, and receive translations in one secure location  – all without needing a separate license or managing any technical settings.

The new Client Portals are available in five Memsource editions: Team, Ultimate, BIZ Start, BIZ Team, and Unlimited.

Another benefit of the portal is the enhanced security for the client. With the individual login, it requires the user to log into Memsource Cloud to access project data and the user can also set up 2-factor authentication for additional protection.

For Translation Agencies: the Client Portal is a new way to give your translation buyers more oversight into their projects without purchasing additional licenses. Clients can see how much they’re saving on localization costs by working with your agency, and it removes the need for unnecessary email communication on project status and progress.

For Corporate Translation Departments: the Client Portal provides simple access points for internal departments (marketing, documentation, e-learning, HR, etc.) to submit and manage their translations with you and to track their budgets and savings.

After being created by the account admin, the user can log into their Client Portal and work in Memsource Cloud on two pages: the Home Page and the Project Page.

Access to analytics dashboards and automation widgets
On the Home Page, the client can access dashboards with metrics related to Jobs, Costs and Savings, and Leverage. These dashboards can be added and adjusted by the client to create a custom overview of their projects and financials. (Learn more about the Analytics Dashboards).

Also on the Home Page, the client can submit new projects through any Automation Widget set up by the administrator. The submitter can see the price and approve the project to be translated before it’s sent to the main account with the pre-determined settings. After uploading a file into the Automation Widget, the client will be sent to a confirmation page where they can also order additional files.

Real-time project overview
On the Project tab, clients can see an overview of all submitted projects with information on due dates, project statuses, and purchase order numbers. Each project can be monitored and users can open each of the projects to see an overview and to download the completed project file when the job is finished.

The client can monitor project progress directly in the project list, and can also click on the name to open the project, view the status, and download completed files when the translation process is finished.

For more information about creating Client Portals for your customers, read the full blog post and visit our Help Center.

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