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Clear Words Translations Has a Brand-New Look

Clear Words Translations

Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

Clear Words Translations, an Argentina based translation services provider, offering interpreting, project management, translation and localization services, reveals an all-new look this month. Not only is the company expanding operations to help other LSPs compete in the localization space, but they’ve launched a brand-new, easy-to-navigate website available in different languages. 

Clear Words Translations has gone on to expand its Latin American operations to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Always up to date with the latest technology, the company integrates key CAT tools and efficient project management platforms to deliver a faster, more cost-effective service to their clients. The eye-catching design and high speed navigation of the new site is designed to show clients the company’s essence. Simple and fast, effective and professional, with a dropdown menu to select your language.  

Managing Director, Carina Cesano, explains, “As a language services provider, we wanted to display the elements that we do best as a company. Getting our own site translated into different languages was a key concern for us and we’ll be adding more to the mix in the next few months. We want as many clients to be able to access our site and enquire about our services as possible.”

In addition to the array of languages, Clear Words Translations is investing in services that are becoming increasingly solicited in the translation industry. These include mobile app, video game and website localization, and subtitling services. The company also has particular expertise in the medical translation sector, with million words translated for this industry, and clients including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche. “We’re a full service provider and are constantly looking at how to improve our offering to meet our clients’ needs,” says Cesano.

To check out the new website and find further information on the company’s services please visit www.clearwordstranslations.com