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Clay Tablet Technologies Provides End-to-End Support for Automated Translation Processes

Clay Tablet Technologies

Tuesday, 14 June, 2011

Clay Tablet releases 3 New Translation Management System Connectors (TMS)


Barcelona, Spain – June 14, 2011 - Clay Tablet Technologies, a leader in translation process automation, today announced the availability of 3 new translation management system connectors. Clay Tablet will be promoting their new SDL TMS Connector, GlobalSight Connector and LionBridge Freeway Connector at Localization World in Barcelona June 15th and 16th 2011.


With the growing understanding that interoperability between content systems and translation technologies is now an industry best practice, demand for open, flexible connections to the leading tms systems is at an all-time high. “We are seeing more and more customers who are using translation management systems to support their translation processes.” Explained Robinson Kelly, CEO and Founder of Clay Tablet Technologies, “And yet – getting content from content management systems to those systems is still an arcane, manual, laborious process for both client and LSP”


The new Connectors make the importation of client content seamless, automated and instant, relieving translation project managers of the manual file preparation and importation. Adopted by clients using translation management systems internally as well as localisation service providers, the Connectors are speeding time to market for global content while reducing manual effort and translation process costs.


“The benefits clients and LSPs report with these enterprise-class connectors is very exciting.” Remarked Kelly. “Just as clients have used Clay Tablet CMS Connectors to slay the “copy and paste” monster, translation teams are now streamlining their processes too. We’re delivering on the complete, end-to-end translation lifecycle with total integration.


The new translation management system Connectors:

  • Automate the importing of content into the translation management system
  • Create project start and completion triggers
  • Provide status reporting back to the content management system
  • Automate the return of content to the content management system

About Clay Tablet Technologies

Clay Tablet’s unique integration software easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation provider or technology. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet Technologies works with a global channel partner network of content management and translation technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators. For more information, visit www.Clay-Tablet.com


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