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Clay Tablet Launches SaaS Version - Makes Getting Content Translated Even Easier

Clay Tablet Technologies

Thursday, 21 February, 2008

Clay Tablet SaaS will help Small and Mid Sized Businesses simplify their translation process

TORONTO, ON (February 21, 2008)  - Clay Tablet Technologies, a provider of unique integration software that connects any content management system (CMS) with any translation system or provider, has announced the immediate availability of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of its software.

Clay Tablet SaaS is a highly secure, scalable and rapidly deployable solution, able to connect any number of content management systems with any translation system or provider, without requiring any additional IT infrastructure, or installing any software.

“Our unique, many-to-many routing solution, is ideal especially for the SME market as it will immediately save costs through increased translation process efficiency, without any infrastructure headaches,” said Robinson Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Clay Tablet Technologies. “We’re now able to offer our clients a SaaS version of Clay Tablet which can be readily acquired with minimal investment, meaning the benefits of an automated and highly efficient translation process can be quickly realized with minimal risk and at the lowest possible cost.”

Leveraging elastic cloud computing technologies, Clay Tablet SaaS is capable of expanding to handle any volume of translation. Whether translating a few thousand words per month, or a few million, Clay Tablet SaaS has affordable monthly fees that deliver value at any volume. The Clay Tablet SaaS version also provides functionality identical to the licensed version. “This is not a stripped down, light-weight or crippled version. It’s the identical, robust and proven architecture that powers our enterprise-class, licensed solutions used by Fortune 1000 clients world wide” remarked Kelly.

More and more, the global translation and localization industry is demanding the open and seamless connection of disparate technologies to automate the content transfer process. Clay Tablet SaaS helps to achieve this by streamlining translation processes and the automated transfer of content between different systems, thus enabling faster, more efficient translations with much lower impact on an enterprise’s resources.

A typical Clay Tablet SaaS application can be as straight forward as a connection between a single content management system, such as those from Clay Tablet’s CMS Partners; Oracle/Stellent, Sitecore or Refresh, with a translation software system, such as; SDL, across or Language Weaver. A more complex Clay Tablet SaaS application can include the connection of multiple content management systems, with multiple translation providers, and their translation technologies, creating an efficient and reliable content translation process.

To help introduce its new SaaS offering, Clay Tablet is hosting an informational webinar on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 10:00am EST (15:00 GMT). Additional details can be found at http://www.clay-tablet.com/saas/.

About Clay Tablet Technologies
Clay Tablet’s unique translation integration software easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation system or provider. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet works exclusively with a global channel partner network of technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators. For more information, visit www.Clay-Tablet.com

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