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The Chrysler Group Services European Customers with SDL KbT System

SDL plc

Friday, 2 December, 2005

Exceeds quality and cost expectations for localized service documentation

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL International, a leader in the emerging market for global information management (GIM) solutions, announced today outstanding results using the SDL Knowledge-based Translation System (SDL KbT System) at the Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler AG.

To improve the quality and consistency of service information for the new Chrysler models launched this year in European markets, the Chrysler Group partnered with Tweddle Litho Company and SDL International in the deployment of the ground-breaking SDL KbT System. The unique combination of integrated technologies, skilled linguists and closely controlled processes has delivered dramatic improvements, enabling rapid production of high-quality online service documentation at much lower costs than previously possible.

A pilot process had determined that translation productivity could be improved by as much as 30% using the outsourced GIM solution, which leverages advanced technologies such as automated terminology extraction, automated translation, translation memory and translation management. The project has delivered results significantly ahead of these expectations as well as improving the quality, consistency and scalability of the translation process.

"The Tweddle/SDL Solution has exceeded our expectations for translation quality control, delivery and cost reduction," commented Paul Mansfield, Manager Service Information Distribution at the Chrysler Group. "We now have a consistent and scalable process for the delivery of service documentation for our Chrysler European models and we look forward to increased speed-to-market, quality and cost benefits through broader deployment of the system."

"In the automotive industry, the rapid delivery of high-quality service and owner's information is a critical element to the success of a vehicle program," added Andy Tweddle, President and CEO of Tweddle Litho Company. "The combination of the SDL KbT System and Tweddle's content management / composition systems has enabled us to deliver a solution that positively impacts vehicle distribution, servicing, customer satisfaction and revenues for our customers."

"The SDL KbT System incorporates patented technologies, the culmination of over 100 man years of development, combined with years of deployment experience at large global enterprises," concluded Keith Mills, President Technology Division at SDL International. "Its ability to deliver higher quality results than traditional translation services at much lower cost and with significantly higher throughput is unmatched in our industry. These are all critical qualities in the production of complex technical documentation for the automotive industry."

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