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E.g., 04/03/2020

Centrum Lokalizacji C&M is publishing a series of articles that promote software localization services

Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Thursday, 21 August, 2014

C&M is preparing a series of articles on various aspects of good practices in software localization. The series will start with an article on project management. We are also preparing articles on correctness of technical Polish, language standards used in creation of technical specifications, and quality control.

We hope that our articles will help everyone willing to improve their translation skills, find out more about the existing standards, and get to know the practical side of localization. The articles will be written for both translators and persons dealing with translation project management.

For more information, please visit http://www.cmlocalization.eu/EN/ 

Centrum Lokalizacji C&M is one of the leading language service providers operating in the Central and Eastern European market. C&M is carrying out advanced works on machine translation (MT), human-aided machine terminology management and quality control tools. The company is a member of international and domestic trade associations, including GALA, TAUS Data Association, and PSBT.