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E.g., 04/06/2020

Centrum Lokalizacji C&M Celebrates the Children’s Day with Children from the Community Center in Legnica

Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Monday, 18 June, 2012

On June 6, two C&M's employees, along with high school students from Legnica, visited the “House of St. Francis” Community Center in Legnica in order to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day with children who usually take part in activities held in this facility.


As a part of this charity event, C&M's employees gathered funds in order to purchase gifts for children and equipment for the Community Center. Football and volleyball balls brought the greatest joy to the hearts to the children, followed by dictionaries and teaching aids, as well as gifts made by the students from Legnica. After the gifts were handed on to the children, an artistic performance prepared by the children and students took place.


At the end of the meeting, the facility’s Manager introduced the C&M's employees to a very interesting plan of further development and operation of the Community Center.


It was a memorable day both for our employees, who personally delivered and handed the gifts on to the children, as well as for all the children themselves. There was no end to joy and emotions.


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