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E.g., 04/08/2020

Centrum Lokalizacji C&M among TDA Founding Members

Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Wednesday, 1 October, 2008

Centrum Lokalizacji C&M is pleased to announce it has become one of the Founding Members of the TAUS Data Association (TDA), an independent organization which aims at improving the quality of translation and creating a global database of multilingual texts to be used in the future by translation automation tools as ready-made templates. TAUS Data Association will be engaged in storing and sharing translation memories and glossaries organized by specific domains. TDA's databases will be made public for the purpose of searching terms and expressions, while the members will be able to make the full use of the gathered knowledge. The forty seven companies which make up this association include large IT corporations and global LSPs. Centrum Lokalizacji C&M is the only Polish company involved. This is very good news for our current and future customers. Having an access to a database generated by corporations translating millions of words a year, and thus acquiring new possibilities to develop translation automation solutions, will bring an improvement of quality and a reduction of costs.