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Capita Unveils new Machine Translation Product at Across LSP Day

Capita Translation and Interpreting

Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

Capita Translation & Interpreting (Capita TI) has partnered with Across Systems to create SmartMATE crossConnect, a secure connector which integrates the Across Translation Management System (TMS) with Capita’s secure Machine Translation (MT) solution, SmartMATE. Across users can gain access to domain specific customisable MT engines, engine building, a fully managed service and training support.

By applying MT output at the pre-translation stage, alongside Translation Memory matching, both translation quality and productivity will be improved. Specialised engines provided by Capita can be customised using client specific data, and integrated into the secure Across environment through SmartMATE crossConnect.

Tom Shaw, technical pre-sales manager at Capita TI will be launching this new product during the Across LSP Day in Cologne on 2 March 2016. Tom said: “Machine Translation (MT) is now commonplace within the translation industry, but it can often be difficult to adopt and calculate ROI. By partnering with Across, SmartMATE crossConnect will allow Across users to take the leap towards MT by removing the complexity and providing fit for purpose, ready to use MT engines – all within a completely secure environment.”

Christian Weih, chief sales officer at Across Systems said: “Secure processes for documents and data is vital for our customer base, as translation processes involve many participants around the globe. Therefore, the Across Language Server only allows trusted software applications to receive encrypted data out of our translation ecosystem. We are proud to have Capita’s SmartMATE among the first of these trusted applications.”