E.g., 10/30/2020
E.g., 10/30/2020

Biogas Reducing Climate Impact Worldwide

The Swedish Biogas Academy widens their reach through the subtitling of their video content.

Venga Global

Tuesday, 29 September, 2020

Just like so many other global businesses, Venga Global sends staff around the world to meet new and potential customers and other business partners. International travel has almost come to a standstill during the current Corona pandemic but we are sure it will start again and Venga Global is always looking for ways to give back and off-set our global footprint.

When we met Dr. Jan Rapp and the Swedish Biogas Academy we saw an opportunity to contribute through our resources.

What we heard about their initiative just seemed to make sense. Promoting a technology with double positive impact by turning waste, that before would lead to negative climate impact, into climate-neutral fuel, biogas, that can replace fossil fuel. Consequently, the number of airports, urban bus fleets, and trucking companies using biogas is growing fast.

A city making biogas from its waste is a clear win-win. For example, American Organic Energy´s soon to open waste processing facility in New York will cut the city´s costs for long-distance waste transports. By creating a local “loop” where the city´s own household- and restaurant waste is converted into bus fuel that improves city air, lives, and money spent on health care are saved. Climate impact from transportation is also reduced since biogas is an ultra-low carbon fuel. The by-product of the process is organic fertilizer which adds even more value to this new waste processing technique, making it very attractive to investors. 

Venga wanted to support this effort and was excited to provide pro-bono services for the Biogas Academy to help them widen their reach through the translation of their video content by transcribing and then subtitling into English.

VIEW THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/feEwmXZX6pM

Venga’s COO, Chris Phillips, who organized the project said “Having lived in an area in Stockholm that recycled household waste to create biogas, you just take it for granted that so many other locations would already be benefitting for such technology. After hearing some of the shocking statistics in Dr. Rapp’s video we felt it would be a positive contribution to help promote the information in other languages and that is why we offered to help.”

Dr. Jan Rapp, the founder of Biogas Academy also said:

“Biogas technology is a true game-changer. Well researched and tested at large scale, it offers a here-and-now possibility for every city, region, and country in the world to turn a problem, it´s own waste into an asset: climate-neutral fuel. In the same process, jobs and new revenue streams are created, illness and sickness from polluted air reduced and dependency on imported fuel and energy decreases. Biogas is a key to sustainable cities all over the world and a great opportunity for investors looking for tomorrow´s energy solutions. Having the support of Venga Global in conveying this message to the countries of the world will push for a good, global change.”