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Best of 2017: GALA's Top Localization and Translation Content

Tuesday, 16 January, 2018

Below is a chronological list of the 10 most popular articles and the 10 most popular blogs published on the GALA website in 2017. The content covered solutions to business problems, proposed innovative approaches, and critically reviewed industry trends. Last year's winning essays of the Rising Star contest also made it onto this list.  These publications were contributed by a diverse range of authors for you to consider, evaluate, and learn from. If you haven't already done so, check out what your colleagues have been reading and join the discussion.

If you feel inspired to contribute your own ideas and insights, and would like to learn more about publishing with GALA, please check out this webpage or contact GALA at [email protected]

We look forward to another great year of analyzing industry trends and viewpoints, and hope that you'll be a part of it.

The GALA Team

Top Blogs

Blog Author(s) Organization(s)
Are We Equal? Fabiano Cid CCAPS Translation and Localization
5 Questions, 5 Definitions for the Localization Industry in 500 Words or Less (Second Edition) Gabriela Morales Rosario Traducciones y Servicios
Calling for Transparency: Automated Language Quality Metrics in the Translation Industry Gábor Bessenyei MorphoLogic Localisation
2017 Translation and Localization Trends Véronique Özkaya Xplanation Language Services
10 Tips on Transcreation Mikko Väisänen Conversis
7 Steps to Achieve Quality in Translation Charlotte Fellows Albion Languages
Translators of the Future: What Skills Do You Need? Claudia Mirza Akorbi
Data-driven Globalization in the Corporate Sector (Read the New White Paper) Allison Ferch GALA
Intro to Corporate Localization: The Blueprint Alessandra Binazzi Alessandra Binazzi Consulting
6 Reasons to Avoid Using Google Translate Donna Twose Language Insight


Top Articles

Article Author(s) Organization(s)
Best of 2016: GALA's Top Localization and Translation Content GALA GALA

What Makes a Localization Good? Russian vs. Chinese Gamers

Yulia Molostova


Trait Trees for LSP Project Managers - Rising Star Winner

Sijing Yu Middlebury Institute

10 Traits of Successful Language Industry Professionals - Rising Star Winner

Marion Hernandez

University of Geneva

The Language Industry in the Trump Administration

Bill Rivers JNCL-NCLIS

An Intro to Machine Translation: Understand When to Use MT and When to Avoid It

Calvin Scharffs


Marketing Automation: Usage and Tactics for Language Agencies of All Sizes

Konstantin Dranch Translationrating.com

Comparing Errors: Neural MT vs. Traditional Phrase-based and Rule-based MT

Aljoscha Burchhardt


Localization Sales and Marketing Tips: 7 Must-See Videos


Globalization, the Alter Ego of Localization

Miguel Sepulveda