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Beijing E-C Translation Releases Freelance Portal for PMS

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Monday, 29 October, 2007

Beijing, China -- Beijing E-C Translation (BEC), one of the largest localization and translation service providers in Asia, unveiled a freelance portal release of its self-developed Project Management System (PMS). Coming after one year of successful internal operation of this system, the new freelance portal provides a point for BEC's freelancers to gain real-time access to this internal system to get project assignments, make deliveries and check for related information.

The web-based PMS was developed by BEC's own engineers and began operating formally on August 1, 2006. This comprehensive software was customized specially to fit BEC's own project management process to offer a unique functionality in project, resource, client, information and financial management. This system includes the following nine independent modules, which effectively control all aspects of a project cycle: Account Management, Resource Management, Workflow Implementation, QA System, Knowledge Management, Purchase Order/Invoice Management, Sales Management, Business Management, and Performance Management.

The freelance portal can be accessed from BEC's public Website by a preassigned username and password. Integrated into the core PMS database, real-time project information for freelancers is filtered out and listed in the portal. Freelancers can check project requirements, propose query reports, upload finished assignments to the PMS or check unpaid/paid projects through this portal. Project status is updated automatically upon execution by authorized personnel.

This portal helps BEC include its freelancers in the use of the PMS to share information efficiently. The next step is to develop a client portal for the PMS so that BEC's clients can track and monitor project progress conveniently on a real-time basis and provide timely support and supervision.

After ten years of solid accumulation and consistently focusing on improving project quality, BEC has also developed other smaller tools to aid in edit recording, glossary creation, and data analysis. Continually striving to be the best localization and translation service provider, BEC never ceases to make advances in all aspects of project management and quality assurance.

About E-C Translation
Beijing E-C Translation Ltd. (BEC) is one of the largest translation and localization service providers in Asia. With ten years of remarkable experience in this industry, E-C provides high quality localization, translation and desktop publishing (DTP) services to many of the world's leading companies. Headquartered in Beijing, China, BEC has branches in Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Hong Kong, the United States, and Singapore, with more than 150 full-time employees in total.

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