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The Awards That Celebrate the Language Industry in 2019

The first Day Awards kicked off on September 30, 2019 to recognize the contributions of translators to the language industry.

Day Translations, Inc.

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

The market for language services continues its speedy growth due to increasing global interconnection. Over the last decade, the market doubled in size. In 2019, the language services industry's revenue worldwide is expected to reach around $46.9 billion. In 2021, the industry's revenue will reach $56 billion, based on the trend.

It is difficult to ascertain the exact number of translators worldwide since many of them are not registered with or do not belong to any association. The estimate is that about 640,000 translators are available worldwide.

Whatever the number may be, it is important to honor their contribution to almost all industry sectors. It's one reason why Day Translations, Inc., a interpreting and legal translation agency, conceptualized the Day Awards. It celebrates the language industry as a whole. It honors the men and women translators, who are silent partners in facilitating communication and fostering better understanding among people speaking a wide range of different languages. Moreover, it celebrates excellence in translation tools and projects.

The desire of Day Translations' President and CEO, Sean Patrick Hopwood led to the birth of Day Awards. Mr. Hopwood wants to honor the tireless translators worldwide. He wants to recognize their contribution to individuals, organizations and corporations around the world who need translation and interpreting services.

Proper communication and understanding are essential in our world, which became smaller through globalization but still wide apart because of differences in language. Professional translators bridge the communication gap, ensuring that language will not be a problem. They facilitate communication across different cultures and geographical borders. They help reach accords, seal contracts, close business deals, settle legal matters and save lives. Translators provide accurate translations in different language pairs. They are experts in local culture and experts in different subject matters as well. Their knowledge and skills are critical in fostering better understanding.

The inaugural Day Awards

The first-ever Day Awards was hosted by Day Translations, Inc. on September 30, 2019, which coincides with the celebration of the International Translators' Day. The Day Awards, which will be an annual event, honors global translators and language translation services in different categories. It's also a venue to reward the excellent men and women translators of Day Translations.

2019 Day Awards

The momentous 2019 Day Awards on September 30, 2019, consists of two parts: the WORLD AWARDS and the DAY TEAM AWARDS. World Awards honors individual translators, translation tools and translation projects that exemplify the versatility and flexibility of the language service industry, along with the professionalism, dedication and excellence of translators worldwide.

Translators around the globe submitted the nominations for the World Awards category. They wanted to show support and recognition to their peers, and the technological advancement in the industry.

Categories, contenders and winners


1. Best CAT Tool 2019 

CAT Tools help automate the repetitive processes of translation, making the work faster and more streamlined.

Contenders for this year were SDL Trados, memoQ and Cafetran Expresso. Trados GmbH of Germany originally developed the SDL Trados. Today, around 250,000 translation professionals use SDL Trados to improve productivity and maintain the high quality of their work. The 2019 version of SDL Trados is capable of supporting over 70 file formats. The tool manages translation memories, allowing translators to use subject-related terminology consistently.

2. Best Translation Management Tool 2019 

The translation process involves several repetitive tasks. SDL Worldserver came out first, besting XTRF and Memsource. It's a translation management system that centralizes, automates and manages the entire translation process, allowing team members to collaborate for project workflow efficiency.

3. Best Subtitles for a Non-English Film  

Professional translators, who specialize in subtitling help culturally diverse communities to grow together, understand one another and share their ideas, expectations and experiences. This year's nominees were Pedro Almodóvar (Spain) for his subtitling work on Pain and Glory, Nadine Labaki (Lebanon) for Capernaum and MatiDiop (Senegal) for the film Atlantics (originally Atlantique). MatiDiop emerged as the winner for 2019 in this category. Ms. Diop is also the premier African female director to enter and win the Grand Prix at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.  

4. Best Localized Game

Game localization ensures that video gamers around the world can access the best games the industry offers. The process sees to it that video games adapt to the culture and sensitivities of the different target audiences. This year, the contenders were Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceResident Evil 2: The Remake and The Witcher 3. The winner, Resident Evil 2: The Remake (CapCom) was released on January 2019, and the continued popularity of the game earned it a Game Critics Award. In the first month of its release, it sold over four million copies. By mid-year, the sales went up to four and a half million units. The original came out in 1996, with global sales reaching 92 million units (June 2019).

5. Best Translated Book

Book translation ensures that more people worldwide can enjoy the works of talented authors writing in other languages. This year, the nominees were:

  • "A Dead Rose" by Aurora Cáceres, translated from the Spanish by Laura Kanost (Peru, Stockcero)
  • ''Will and Testament'' by VigdisHjorth, translated from Norwegian by Charlotte Barslund (Verso Fiction / Verso Books)
  • ''Death Is Hard Work'' by Khaled Khalifa, translated from Arabic by Leri Price (Farrar, Straus & Giroux / Macmillan Publishers)

The winner in this category for 2019 was Will and Testament, published by Verso Fiction was originally written in Norwegian by VigdisHjorth and translated into English by Charlotte Barslund. To date, the book is available in over 20 languages.  

Day Translations, Inc. congratulates the all the winners in this year's Day Awards' World Awards category.


Day Translations also recognizes the priceless contribution of its translators to the continued success of the company.

1. Best Day Project Manager of the Year - María Ferro

María, who is from Colombia, is a Senior Project Manager for Day Translations. She's been with the company for 4-1/2 years. Project managers enable the company to accept and handle various projects from a diverse set of clients. They ensure that each team has the right mix of talents to meet the company's goals for high quality and accurate translations and surpass the expectations of clients.

2. Best Day Manager of the Year - Melissa Arias

Melissa is Day Translations' Operations Manager who has been with the company for nearly five years. She hails from Costa Rica and speaks two languages. She sees to it that the staff follow company values. She maintains a balance in ensuring client satisfaction and consistency in the company's internal operations. 

3. Best Day Employee of the Year - Suraj Gupta

Suraj is Day's trilingual lead full-stack software engineer. He's been part of the Day Team for nearly two years. He's from India and speaks English, Hindi and Bengali.

4. Best Interpreter of the Year - Manuel Siri García

Manuel is a specialist in finance, media, politics and tourism. He's shown he's a big asset to the company despite joining Day Translations only seven months ago. Manuel's language pair is Spanish and English.

5. Best Translator of the Year - Andrea Cincotta

Andrea lives in the United States, working for Day Translations as an English-Spanish translator. She joined the company nine years ago. She's a specialist in entertainment, economics and law. Andrea has a background in nutrition and medical-related language services.

Translation is the center of the language services at Day Translations. The company relies on a global network of close to 10,000 linguists to provide excellent language services to an equally culturally and geographically diverse clientele.

Celebrating the achievements of the men and women in the translation industry and honoring the translators from the past, today and in the future is the motivation of Day Translations, Inc. to continue paying tribute to their exemplary work and tireless endeavor to bridge the language gap and facilitate communication and understanding among individuals, organizations and industries.

They are at the forefront during emergencies and silently work in the background to ensure the accurate delivery of intended messages and information. Translators remain unbiased and objective in whatever circumstances their services are required. They stay focused, adaptable and flexible. They embrace diversity and remain consistent in performing their duty.

To all translators, thank you. And for those who supported the first Day Awards, we're giving you a round of applause. We tip our hats off to you, for you are indeed an exceptional breed.