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AUM decides on XTRF

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013

XTRF Management Systems Ltd., a leading player in the translation management software market, announced today that the AUM Translation Services company has selected the XTRF system to support its management process. AUM is a leading provider of translation and localization services in Russia, serving more than 700 clients worldwide.



AUM Translation Services is using the XTRF platform to cut overhead expenses, maximize effectiveness, and best manage end-to-end projects.


“In addition to functionality, we were also looking to increase our efficiency and centralize our translation process management. We evaluated several systems – and XTRF proved to have the finest functionality and deepest understanding of our requirements." says Alexandra Shevyakova, an Operations Director for the company AUM.


"We are very pleased that AUM has joined the growing list of large translation companies that rely on XTRF," states Tomasz Mróz, Operations Director of XTRF Management Systems. “XTRF is tailored to the demands of companies like AUM that need to handle complex translation projects and collaborate with a large number of stakeholders.”


About AUM

AUM is a leading provider of translation and localization services in Russia, covering more than 50 languages. The company has been offering comprehensive solutions in translation, interpreting and localization both at home and abroad for more than 17 years. More than 700 clients are benefitting from AUM’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to quality.


AUM Translation Services, 35 Krasnoyarskaya Str., Suite 1004, Novosibirsk, 630132 Russia, Tel./fax: +7 (383) 298-98-62 , email: [email protected], web: www.aum.ru


About XTRF

XTRF is a leading provider of translation management in the form of all-in-one solutions that bring together features that can carry out estimating, project management, reporting and accounting, thus providing translation companies with a robust competitive advantage. 


XTRF Management Systems Ltd. Kamieńskiego 51, 30-644 Kraków, Poland, Tel. 48 12 255 14 80, email: [email protected], web: www.xtrf.eu