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Astoria and SDL Partner to Help Manufacturers Accelerate Global Content Delivery and Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Thursday, 22 September, 2005

Astoria and SDL Partner to Help Manufacturers Accelerate Global Content Delivery and Improve Customer Satisfaction
Siemens Medical Solutions Standardizes on Astoria/SDL, Saves $1 million

San Mateo, California, USA and Maidenhead, UK --
Astoria Software, Inc. and SDL International today announced a partnership to provide joint solutions to multinational manufacturers. Global information management solutions from Astoria and SDL help manufacturers rapidly publish and deliver accurate, high quality content to international markets.

Siemens Medical Solutions faced issues such as changing market forces, increasing compliance requirements, the growing global market for medical products and along with it, increasing demand for local language information. Astoria, the leading provider of XML content management solutions for dynamically publishing business-critical information, and SDL International, the world's leading provider of global information management solutions, successfully addressed these issues for Siemens. Built on the industry standards XML and DITA, the Astoria-SDL solution manages information for complex products with long lifecycles, frequent technology changes, and global usage.

By standardizing on Astoria and SDL to publish its more than 190,000 product manuals annually in 18 languages, Siemens can now update technical content on a weekly basis instead of only twice a year. Consistency and accuracy have improved while the number of manuals printed has been reduced by 90%. The result is significant reductions in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and First Time Fix Rate (FTFR), while localization costs have been reduced by more than 30%, generating projected annual savings of over $1 million.

"With Astoria and SDL, we transformed our business," said Uwe Danner, content management systems project manager at Siemens Medical Solutions. "We improved the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of our global product information, and reinforced our worldwide standing for quality and performance."

"Content management becomes more difficult when dealing with multilingual information," said Joe Eschbach, vice president and chief marketing officer for Astoria. "By combining SDL solutions with Astoria's XML Content Management Platform, multinational companies gain consistency of voice, richness of local nuance, and improved document production."

"Our partnership with Astoria Software enables manufacturers to enforce consistency for global product and service documentation," said Terry Lawlor, vice president of worldwide marketing at SDL. "This is particularly important for ensuring compliance and improving service levels in regulated industries such as medical device manufacturing."

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