E.g., 04/10/2020
E.g., 04/10/2020

Argos Translations Opens New Translation Office in Galway, Ireland

ENLASO Corporation dba Argos Multilingual

Argos Translations opened its second regional translation office in Galway, Ireland. Argos chose Galway to better support our clients across our core industries while offering services that include:

Irish translation and localisation services

Ireland is widely recognized as the center for translation and localization services in Europe, having a strong concentration of localization and translation industry professionals. It is an important hub for many multinationals companies in the high-tech field, and many have located their localization and shared service centers here: Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Bentley Systems.


Life Science Translations Galway

Argos decided to take advantage of the high concentration of professionals living and working in Galway, in order to support our clients with the following:

  • Pharmaceutical translations
  • Biotechnology translations
  • Medical Devices translations
  • Diagnostics translations


For Irish or UK clients interested in outsourcing their translation and localization projects to Argos, please contact us at:


Argos Translations Galway Technology Centre, Mervue Business Park, Galway, Ireland. Tel: + 353 91 730794


Argos Translations is a privately held American-British global communications services provider headquartered in Poland. Argos is one of the largest in-house providers in Eastern Europe. Our core business is providing technology-enabled translation solutions at competitive rates, with excellent service, high quality, and on-time delivery. Founded in 1996, our services for global languages include technical and marketing translations, software and website localization, DeskTop Publishing (DTP), and multimedia and audio services.