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E.g., 03/31/2020

Argos Translations Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

ENLASO Corporation dba Argos Multilingual

Wednesday, 7 June, 2006

This year Argos Translations celebrates its 10th year anniversary, and we'd like to show our gratitude to all of you - our valued clients.
In only a decade, Argos has grown to become a dominant player in the CEE translation industry. We've grown into a company that offers a full range of language services of the highest quality available anywhere. From our excellent DTP services to our superior localization capabilities, Argos is your one stop solution for all your linguistic needs.
For our 10th year anniversary we want to invite all of our current and future clients to celebrate with us! Throughout the year look to our website for various promotions including a year long discount on all our services, free give-aways, and many other surprises.
Celebrate with us and enjoy the many benefits of being an Argos client!

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