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Argos Company Ltd. ISO 9001/2000 Certificate Renewed

ENLASO Corporation dba Argos Multilingual

Tuesday, 21 June, 2005

This month Argos Company Ltd. successfully passed the audit of its ISO 9001/2000 certificate originally obtained in 2003 through BVQI. As an acknowledgement to Argos' principal mission to continually improve its quality processes and procedures to offer its clients high quality services at outstanding value, the certificate had been extended for another 16-month period.

Over the past year Argos has gone through a company-wide effort to monitor processes and adapt new techniques to its project management process. In so doing, Argos has been able to maintain a low cost structure allowing the company to continue to offer attractive prices to clients without lowering the high level of service quality.

Argos is currently preparing to partner with a business information and consulting company in order to offer a broader range of services aimed at helping companies enter East and Central European markets. This collaboration will reflect Argos' drive to expand upon its portfolio of valuable services that help businesses from major industries successfully enter foreign markets.

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