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Arancho Doc promoting translation skills at the University of Helsinki


Wednesday, 14 June, 2017

Danilo Monaco, CEO of Arancho Doc, is one of the driving forces, together with Anu Carnegie-Brown, CEO of Sandberg Translation Partners, of a project that aims to promote translation skills by bringing together Translation Students and Language Service Providers at the University of Helsinki.

The course “An Introduction to the Translation Industry” is the result of their team effort in bridging the gap between translation companies and students.
It is an inspiring project that hopes to foster further cooperation among translation companies and universities with the ultimate aim of shaping the job market landscape.

Currently, 7 translation companies are involved in the project:

AAC GlobalDelinguaLingsoftMarisSandberg Translation PartnersSemantix and AranchoDoc.

However, both Danilo and Anu were directly involved in teaching the 100-hour course that took place in January this year.

“The Keystone of successful business is cooperation”

The need to develop successful University Corporate Partnerships is not something new. Companies that get involved in this kind of cooperation are actively contributing by leveraging the potential of student skills and aligning them to the specific needs of companies.

It is a win-win situation:

  • For universities, “it is an essential duty to bring together teaching and community interaction”, says Juha Eskelinen, teacher, researcher and course coordinator at Helsinki University.
  • For translation companies, Danilo Monaco explains that “one strong motivation for companies to participate is of course that we get to meet our potential new employees and see what kinds of special skills students nearing graduation have to offer”
  • Moreover, language technology companies have provided licenses free of charge so that students get to use first-hand the tools of the trade.

During this three week course, translation students not only get intensive teaching but receive a broad range of information about how the companies work: what the actual tasks involved are, and who companies focus on processes and technologies.

It is a multidisciplinary initiative creating a platform that will help contribute to the development of the next generation of translators.

Click here to read the University of Helsinki full article.

Preparing tomorrow’s translation professionals

Arancho Doc is looking forward to continue building successful corporate partnership with Universities, translation companies and software companies. If you are interested or would like to know how to get involved in this win-win collaboration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


How our CEO @dannymonaco & @anucarnegie @STPConnect join forces to successfully promote translation skills https://t.co/8rc6mhPkWO #Blog pic.twitter.com/bj0mQS5UoO

— Arancho Doc Group (@AranchoDoc) 13 June 2017