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Arancho Doc joins the Technicis Group

Technicis takes its place among the top 10 professional translation companies in the world following the acquisition of Arancho Doc


Wednesday, 13 September, 2017

The Technicis Group, leader on the French professional translation market and one of the top 3 players in Europe, has accelerated its growth with the acquisition of the Italian group Arancho Doc. The acquisition places Technicis among the top 10 professional translation companies in the world. This move is also part of Technicis’ development strategy, started in 2012, to become one of the top 5 global translation companies within the next three years.

Arancho Doc: a strategic acquisition in Europe

Arancho Doc, a recognised Italian player on the international translation scene, following the recent acquisition of Soget, currently employs 100 people and has a presence in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic. With a turnover of 12 million euros in 2016, the company is a major acquisition for Technicis in geographical terms, allowing the group to better support the international expansion of its customers.

Since 2012, when the group made its first acquisition, Technicis has pursued a combined development approach by focussing on both organic and external growth. In 2015, the private equity fund NAXICAP Partners acquired a stake in Technics, which opened up new development opportunities for the group, particularly considering that Europe represents 50% of the international market while North America accounts for approximately 35%.

“We are delighted to welcome Arancho Doc and its European DNA to the Technicis Group. With expert teams providing top quality services and cutting-edge technology to large multinationals, I am convinced that Arancho Doc will be a great addition to the Technicis Group. The international development that we have been implementing for five years and which has most recently taken the form of the Arancho Doc acquisition, enables us to increase our presence in both Europe and North America”, stated Benjamin du Fraysseix, CEO of the Technicis Group.

A promising future for the Technicis Group

Technicis began its accelerated growth plan in 2012 with the acquisition of VO Paris (France), followed by Cogen (Belgium) in 2015, Translation Probst (Switzerland) in 2016 and now Arancho Doc (Italy).

With these four acquisitions and a double-digit organic annual growth, the group has gone from being a local French player to an SME with a global reach in 2017, having quadrupled its size in the last five years.

In 2016, the Technicis Group recorded a turnover of 30 million euros and is aiming to reach 45 million euros in 2017 thanks to its 320–strong workforce spread across France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic and Canada. With a portfolio of over 2,500 clients, the group works with the majority of companies on the French Stock Exchange, as well as large European and American groups. Now among the top 10 translation companies in the world, the Group’s new ambition is to become part of the top 5 in the next three years by making another acquisition.

About Technicis

Technicis is the leading translation agency on the French market, and is one of the three main players on the European market. Thanks to the collaborative effort of 220 employees spread across France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada and a network of 4,500 specialised professional translators across the globe, Technicis is able to meet the needs of its 2,000 clients across all industries and in a large number of language combinations. The continuous, technological innovations that Technicis incorporates into its processes mean that it is able to offer a large range of translation solutions while guaranteeing responsiveness and quality for its clients.

Website: www.technicisgroup.com

About Arancho Doc

The Arancho Doc Group is a recognised Italian player on the international translation scene. With headquarters in Bologna, Italy, Arancho Doc has a network of subsidiaries strategically located across Europe. The Arancho Doc Group offers a vast range of linguistic services and solutions for businesses and multinationals. Combining the use of innovative language technology tools with in-depth knowledge of translation and localisation processes, Arancho Doc is the perfect partner for international companies in all their linguistic projects. Arancho Doc is a SAP Partner and has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certifications.

Website: www.aranchodoc.com

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