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E.g., 04/05/2020

Appointment of COO at TextMinded®

TextMinded A/S

Monday, 22 August, 2016

On 1 August 2016, the TextMinded® Group welcomed Ms. Christiane Roll as the company’s new COO. Executive Management is sure that Christiane, with her extensive international managerial background, will come to play a key role in fulfilling the Group’s ambitious, global growth objectives.

German-born Ms. Roll holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics & Cultural Studies from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. She has held several senior positions at international information services companies and within the language industry. Her particular focus has always been on organisational optimisation and strategic growth.

"TextMinded® is gearing up to be still better prepared to embrace the significant changes sweeping the business world in general and global business communications in particular. This calls for the strengthening of our organisation. With her strong, international profile and wide-ranging management experience, Christiane will help us to fulfil our ambitious growth targets and underpin our innovative approach to the future of multilingual communications,” says CEO Britta Aagaard.

Following the appointment of Ms. Roll, the Group Executive Management team, CEO Ms. Britta Aagaard and CIO Mr. Robert Etches, will be focusing on further developing the Group’s strategic concept, Sustainable Communication®, and how this will be realised in the MindLincs® Multilingual Communications’ platform. By seeing language as a valuable resource that can be recycled, shared and reused, Sustainable Communication empowers businesses to communicate in many languages – faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.

"TextMinded has already established a solid position as a language solutions partner, but we are ready to do so much more. I am fascinated by our ideas and ambition to do better business – in every way! My new role will be to facilitate these ideas and to bring them to a global market quicker and more effectively. I look forward to working with an extremely dynamic team and to contributing to the realisation of TextMinded’s ambitious growth targets, as well as preparing the Group for further international expansion,” says COO Christiane Roll.

The TextMinded Group’s 70+ employees are located at its companies in Denmark, Sweden, China, Chile and Spain, and at offices in Hanoi and Auckland. The Group specializes in translation and the development of digital language technology platforms for multinational companies, whose communication needs transcend linguistic and national borders.


For further information about TextMinded and the company’s new COO, please contact:

CEO Britta Aagaard – mobile: +45 29 43 71 70/[email protected]

COO Christiane Roll – mobile: +45 53 39 25 36/[email protected]