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All New Day Translations Website

The team at Day Translations is excited to announce the launch of our new website

Day Translations, Inc.

Monday, 15 February, 2016

What’s New?

A Cleaner, Fresher, More Breathable Design

Throughout the development of the site, we kept our focus on user experience at all times. We wanted to produce a site for our customers with improved navigation that would show them quickly and easily where they need to go and how to get started with our services.

At every stage of the website’s development, we ran trials and asked “is this good from a user’s point of view?” And we made adjustments accordingly. By gathering user data from intelligent tools such as Hot Jar, we were able to track user movements and remove the sections of our site that received less interaction.

A Wide Range of Localization Services

We’re aiming for growth in 2016. As an increasingly competitive global market calls for more intuitive ways of capturing customers, we’ve teamed up trained linguists with expert marketers and some of the best programmers in the industry to offer a suite of localization services for all your needs.

Not only do we understand cultural nuances and local markets, but we excel in software coding and internationalization to boot. If you want to break into international markets and create a stratospheric user experience across the globe, partner with us.

Create a Day Account Easily

If you’ve got multiple translations on an ongoing basis, you can now create a Day Account to streamline the process. It’s fast, simple and completely free! With one login and password you can access your translation history, payment information, invoices, and more.

5% Lifetime Discount on All Your Translations

While discussing our customers’ needs, we thought, “What would be better than a one-off 5% discount on their first translation?” And we decided to reward our loyal customers with a 5% discount – for LIFE. Opening a Day Account with us will now give you 5% OFF all your translations forever.

Need Legal Translations? Certification is FREE

All the legal documents we translate come with guaranteed USCIS acceptance. And now certification of your translations is absolutely FREE.

Partners Page

We’re looking forward to forging new alliances now and into the future, so we’ve developed a Partners Page to collaborate with like-minded companies who share in the same passions that we do.

We Value Your Opinion

We’ve worked hard to bring you the new improved Day Translations website and we’d love to know what you think! All comments and feedback are always welcome. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see or any way we can improve.

Check it out: www.daytranslations.com