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The ACT Brings Out the First Market Survey of Professional Translation Services in Spain

Thursday, 22 December, 2005

The ACT Brings Out the First Market Survey of Professional Translation Services in Spain, an industry that draws together more than 700 translation companies and means a total turnover of more than 25 million euros.

Madrid, Spain
-- The translation industry sector encompasses more than 700 translation companies in Spain, the majority of which are microbusinesses. In 2004 it had a turnover of more than 250 million Euros with an annual growth rate of 6%.

The Agrupación de Centros Especializados en Traducción, ACT (Spanish Association of Translation Companies) has just published the first market survey of the professional translation industry in Spain. Throughout its 248 pages with 108 informative tables and 106 graphs, the survey analyses and quantifies the translation market in Spain. It also draws up an inventory of the situation of the supply sector and studies the needs and behaviour of the demand sector, in other words, the customers that use translation. The main interest of the survey lies in the following points:

  • The first empirical study of the translation industry in Spain.


  • Carried out by a professional company that specialises in market surveys, under the supervision of the ACT.


  • Includes data collected by a field study, in which 250 companies and 150 translation companies in Spain carried out questionnaires.


  • An essential tool for translation companies that want to get to know their competitive environment, and obtain data about the needs of companies that use translation services.


  • Also useful for associations, official organisations, universities and other educational institutions, potential investors in the translation industry, as well as main user companies and those providing services or specific B2B products which want to obtain data about labour needs and the general situation of the industry.


The supply report brings together the following data:

  • Professional or company structure: staff, professional qualification, turnover, legal form, age, geographical distribution, association membership, etc.)


  • Services provided: language combinations, specialisations, applied technology, types of texts.


• Prices and market assessment: type of customers, activity industries, international business, perceptions of the values that the industry offers, its evolution and future challenges, and contact channels with the market. The demand report concentrates on the following data:

  • Information on translation needs.


  • Management of translations within the companies, levels and volume of use of external vendors.


  • Type of external vendors, selection criteria of the said vendors and allocation of orders.


  • Quality control carried out on the service provided.


  • Prices of translation services.


  • The main industries with a demand for translation services and their geographical distribution.


The survey is available in Spanish and soon in English. If you would like information on prices and availability, you can contact the secretary’s office of the ACT at [email protected].

About the ACT
Established in 1990, the ACT is a Spanish business association. It is also a founder member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, created in Sardinia (Italy) in 1994. Its main activities include obtaining greater acknowledgement for the profession and the development of quality standards applicable to the translation field, organising congresses, sharing information on a national and international scale, establishing relations with freelance translators and translators’ associations, promoting its members, establishing relations with the administration, and the defence of both members and customers. With regards to the standardisation area, the association has been playing a leading role in the preparation of the future EN-15038 European quality standard for translation services, as part of AENOR (the Spanish Standardisation Association) and the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation). The standard is scheduled for publication in 2006 and will supersede all existing quality standards applicable to translation in Europe. For further information about the ACT, visit us at www.act.es.