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Across Systems' Centralized Translation Management System Brings Efficiencies to Wilcox Metrology

Across Systems GmbH

Thursday, 5 March, 2009

GLENDALE, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2009) – Across Systems, supplier of the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology, today announced its American division has successfully completed a deployment of its Language Server corporate translation management system for Wilcox Associates, the primary software company of Hexagon Metrology, the world’s leading supplier of metrology software, services and equipment.

Wilcox Associates, which produces software for precision measuring equipment, had a need for accurate, linguistic precision in the 15-20 languages into which it translates its user manuals and customer support documents. In addition, the company’s four project managers were having challenges in tracking and managing projects among a translation team of 28 internal employees, multiple freelance translators, and two localization service providers, spread across Europe, Asia, South America and Canada. Complications were added due to the variety of file formats in which they required support. Wilcox is using Across for the localization of its software GUI as well.

According to Larry Clark, a Wilcox localization specialist, the company wanted a smoother process where it could be the central point of control for both outsourced and internally translated projects, yet maintain flexibility. “We needed a comprehensive solution to the cumbersome piecemeal approach with which we were struggling,” said Clark.

By installing the Across Language Server, they gained a centralized repository of all language resources, including a translation memory and terminology management. Internal and external editors, project managers, translators and proofreaders work together in a unified supply chain, with transparent project management and common access to the terminology database that creates stylistic consistency. The solution has enabled standardization of project structures, workflows and built-in messaging that generates automated notifications to translators.

Both scalability and timeliness are enhanced. Prior to the implementation of the Language Server, localized online help materials consistently lingered two releases behind the software. Now Wilcox is easily able to devote as many translators as needed to any given project due to the ease of assessing each step in the process. As a result, with the recent release of version 4.3 of their flagship product, Wilcox was able to deliver completed, up to date user interfaces and documentation in a significant number of languages for the first time in its corporate history.

The Across Language Server has open interfaces that enable direct data exchange with content management systems as well as the seamless integration of translation-oriented authoring and corresponding systems such as machine translation. The company saves time and money through the reuse of stored translations while creating new content, while updating existing content, and when doing translations that have an exceptionally fast turnaround requirement.

Because Across handles its own deployments, customer responsiveness is guaranteed. Wilcox had a requirement for an HTML file merging utility that automatically combines 2600 individual online help files into a manageable set of 20 for translation purposes. Across developed a tool that does the merge and then automatically restores the files to their individual status after the translation is complete. The merge utility has greatly simplified distribution and retrieval of translation project components, providing tangible time and cost savings.

Larry Clark sums it up, saying, “Given the current expansion of our product offerings together with our growing number of target languages, successful localization would be impossible had we not implemented the Across solution when we did.”