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Across Systems Assembles Localization Industry Luminaries for Webinar Series

Renowned Experts Share Insights about Latest Trends and Developments in Localization Industry

Across Systems GmbH

Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

LOS ANGELES & KARLSBAD, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Across Systems, supplier of the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology, is collaborating with industry veterans and research luminaries for an exclusive Webinar series starting in May. These educational Webinars, offered to all professionals dealing with or interested in globalization and localization, concentrate on the latest global developments and convergent technologies, using case studies as proven examples.

Registration is free-of-charge and can be made online. All Webinar presentations are sponsored by MultiLingual Computing and include a free, one-year digital subscription (9 issues) to the magazine.

  • Global Megatrends: Peeking into the Crystal Ball–Thursday, May 13, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/7 PM CEDT – Renowned professor, Dr. Nitish Singh of St. Louis University and Cal State Chico, delves into the future with observations about rising global megatrends and convergent technology innovations that enable organizations to quickly adapt global product and marketing strategies as competitive differentiators and growth catalysts. In this one-hour Webinar, Dr. Singh will help attendees identify trends and use innovative technologies to seize the business opportunities arising from globalization.


  • Software Localization Stripped Naked – Wed., May 26, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/7 PM CEDT – Globalization consultant Tex Texin uses the example of Tour de France-level bicyclists to show how to achieve excellence in software globalization. Tex uses an informal globalization maturity model to show the stages an organization must go through to set objectives and performance expectations appropriately. In this one-hour Webinar, Tex teaches attendees how to become high performers in software localization and dispels myths, sets goals and identifies key issues of software localization.


  • The Secrets of Managing a Virtual Localization Team –Wed, June 9, 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/7 PM CEDT – Tim Wernicke, director of testing and applications at Wilcox Associates, will give first-hand information on how to lead a highly efficient and well-structured, virtual localization team, helping software companies to capitalize on the opportunities offered by globalization while eliminating the challenges incumbent in having remote team members.

"Software companies and industry analysts looking for in-depth insights into the newest localization and translation management capabilities will benefit from our Webinars,” says Daniel Nackovski, president of Across Systems, Inc. “The eminent expert resources who collaborate with us to deliver these Webinars provide insights based on years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience and forward-thinking research that only experts in the industry can share.”

For details on these and other events, review the Webinar and Event Center on the Across website at http://across.net/en/webinar_center.html / http://www.across.net/en/event-center.aspx

About Across Systems

Across Systems (www.across.net), based in Karlsbad, Germany, and in Glendale, CA, is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server – the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology.

The Across Language Server is a central software platform for all corporate language resources and for controlling translation processes and workflows. The system simplifies, accelerates, and improves the management, coordination, and implementation of translations. Open interfaces enable the direct integration of corresponding systems, e.g. CMS, catalog, or ERP solutions. By using Across, translation costs can be cut drastically, and the investment in Across usually pays off in a very short time.