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Across Systems announces first major UK customer luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin

Across Systems GmbH

Thursday, 10 June, 2010

10 June 2010 – Across Systems, provider of the world’s leading independent linguistic supply chain technology, has announced that it will be supplying a translation management system to luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin, an impressive start for the company which has only recently launched in the UK.

“Aston Martin produces numerous documents with supporting translations in up to 16 languages every year and this volume is increasing,” said Phill Barratt, UK Business Development Manager, Across Systems. “It was essential that the solution they chose offered them an integrated multilingual publishing environment,” he added. “We worked closely with Aston Martin to provide a combined XML based solution built around an XML authoring tool, XML CMS and the Across translation management tool, which will support the life cycle of their material from authoring to publishing.”

Across Systems is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server. An enterprise software platform for all language resources, including controlling translation processes and workflows, the Across System simplifies, accelerates and improves the management, coordination, and implementation of translations. Working in conjunction with technology partners, Across Systems provides users with a structured approach to writing, managing and publishing in many languages. This enables high consistency and high quality output to multiple media, with the added benefit of precise control of information components including text, graphics and translations.

The publications produced by Aston Martin are both complex and extensive and in many cases part or all of the translated content can be re-used in other documents. The Across solution enables the company to highlight and isolate specific content that has already been translated and can therefore be reused at no cost. This significantly reduces the actual number of words they need to translate, resulting in both cost and time savings.

“As new players in the UK market we are really delighted that our first customer is Aston Martin. Across Systems has arrived and we are here to stay,” said Phill Barratt, UK Business Development Manager, Across Systems.