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across Presents "Translation-Oriented Authoring " at tekom Fall Conference

Across Systems GmbH

Thursday, 9 November, 2006

Wiesbaden, Germany -- across Systems, a spin-off of Nero AG, presents the new version 3.5 of its corporate translation management software at the tekom Fall Conference. Being an integrated corporate solution, across provides full support for both the comprehensive management of translation projects and the entire translation process.

The essential components of across include a translation memory, terminology system, an editor, a quality assurance module, project and workflow management, and transparent reporting. The unique thing about across is its open concept - for example, crossConnect allows for optional integration of any content application, while crossGrid provides seamless networking of customers and translation service providers.

The new interfaces for translation-oriented authoring in across v3.5 show where corporate translation management is heading. With the help of these interfaces, the across translation memory and terminology system can already be used while composing the source text. The use of wording for which translations already exist can reduce translations costs substantially.

For example, the author may see that the term "hard drive" is defined as a word not to be used, and that "hard disk" is to be used instead. Or the translation memory may already contain an entry for the phrase "Please feel free to contact us". Using precisely this wording avoids having to translate it, while the phrase "Please do not hesitate to contact us" would necessitate a new translation.

Using the standard interface "crossConnect for source-text editors" on the across side and a suitable plugin on the editor side, the author has direct access to the translation memory and the terminology system. These plugins are usually developed and marketed by across technology partners, so that an extensive portfolio of such plugins is availablePlugins presented in Wiesbaden include crossAuthor for Word, itl crossAuthor for FrameMaker ( www.itl.eu), and Ovidius crossAuthor for XMetaL ( www.ovidius.com). Optionally, crossAuthor plugins can be used for ad-hoc modification of questionable wording while editing, or for systematic review and final quality assurance checks.

"As the largest event of this kind worldwide, the tekom Fall Conference offers an ideal setting for the introduction of this technology, which makes translation-oriented authoring available to a wide range of users", says Andreas Durr, Marketing Director at across Systems GmbH. "Moreover, in view of the global success of across, we highly appreciate the growing international orientation of this conference."

About across
across Systems (www.across.net) is the manufacturer of the across Corporate Translation Management (CTM) software solution. Headquartered in Germany, across Systems is a spin-off of Nero AG, the provider of the world's leading CD/DVD application. across simplifies, accelerates, and improves the management, coordination, and implementation of translations. The software includes a translation memory, a terminology system, and powerful project management and translation workflow monitoring tools. Project managers, translators, and proofreaders all work in one system, either in-house or over a seamless connection to language service providers. across addresses the needs of all who provide or commission professional translations, ranging from freelance translators and export-oriented medium-sized businesses to langauge service departments of international enterprises. By using across, translation costs can be cut drastically, and the investment usually pays off in a very short time.