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Across Language Technology Helps Software Company Reduce Translation Costs by 55 Percent

World’s leading digital media solutions provider manages 36 percent increase in translation volume with no budget increases using Across Systems’ software

Across Systems GmbH

Monday, 19 April, 2010

LOS ANGELES and KARLSBAD, Germany– Across Systems, supplier of the leading independent linguistic supply chain technologyNero AG the world’s leading developer of liquid media technologies marketed worldwide, as preferred vendor for its localization processes. With rising demand for products, Nero’s translation volume grew 36 percent in one year, from 2.2 million words to more than 3 million words, required in 28 languages. Keeping localization costs in check and quality consistent was always very important. That’s why the company turned to the Across Language Server in 2007 to optimize both quality and costs and to streamline project management processes as well. Now, slightly more than two years later, they are reporting excellent results.

Nero’s translation requirements are complex and extensive; the company must translate not only user manuals, but also software strings, Web content and marketing materials. Since most of the translation work is outsourced, project coordination had been handled mostly through email, which presented scalability issues, a decentralization of linguistic assets and a lack of visibility into project cost drivers and areas for process improvement.

René Petri, senior director of technical services for Nero, says, “We had hit the limits of our translation management processes. If we had continued working as we were, the cost of the increased translation volume would have exceeded our development costs for the software. We needed a solution to handle growth over the long term.”

By using the Across Language Server as a central repository of linguistic assets, the company eliminated inefficient email chains, increased consistency and reduced costs per translated word by 55 percent. With centralized management of translation memory and terminology, and all editors, translators and project managers working in a single system, transparency is enhanced and all team members are ensured to be working with the most up-to-date data. Nero integrated the Across Language Server with its existing IT systems, and automated multiple processes, thereby integrating localization seamlessly into the software development cycle. Translation workflows are triggered directly from Nero’s content management system, resulting in cost savings of 50 percent in user manuals alone.

"Now the production of language versions takes place almost automatically, without disturbing development timelines," said Petri. “The efficient processing allows us to fulfill OEM clients’ requests for urgent adaptations of their individual versions, and we can distribute projects across several specialized and regional translation providers without loss of transparency.”

Today, Nero can manage 33 software projects, with 85 sub-projects, in up to 30 languages simultaneously, utilizing the same terminology databases for the localization of the software interface, online help, user manuals, marketing materials and related documentation.

About Across Systems (www.across.net)

Across Systems, based in Karlsbad, Germany, and in Glendale, CA, is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server – the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology.

The Across Language Server is a central software platform for all corporate language resources and for controlling translation processes and workflows. The system simplifies, accelerates, and improves the management, coordination, and implementation of translations. Open interfaces enable the direct integration of corresponding systems, e.g. CMS, catalog, or ERP solutions. By using Across, translation costs can be cut drastically, and the investment in Across usually pays off in a very short time.