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Across Language Technology Chosen by Priority Dispatch to Support Localization of Dispatch Center Systems

Emergency response software vendor cites flexible access modes and multiple format capabilities

Across Systems GmbH

Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

LOS ANGELES – May 12, 2010 – Across Systems, supplier of the leading independent linguistic supply chain technology, has been chosen by Priority Dispatch Corp™ (PDC) as its preferred technology vendor for translation management. The emergency response company provides products and training for emergency dispatch centers internationally, using a comprehensive systems approach.

PDC chose Across Systems Language Server because it needed a versatile translation management system that would allow for multiple modes of access, both Web-based and offline, and that could handle the multiple file formats the company uses. In addition, the company saw huge benefits in the central repository for translation memory and terminology as well as the flexible licensing policy.

Irena Weight, manager of the translation and standards department at Priority Dispatch, said, “In life and death situations like those our dispatch center customers handle, consistency and accuracy of the protocol scripts and other materials, no matter what language is spoken, are critical. Using Across technology, we are assured of the consistency we require. The ability to reuse content for multiple documents will make us more efficient and save costs.”

Priority Dispatch utilizes a combination of in-house translators and product managers with outsourced translation bureaus and freelancers to translate its three basic product lines and numerous support products. Its software is localized for 17 languages currently, with new countries and languages being added at approximately two per year. The company’s translation needs have expanded to include scripts, user manuals, Web sites, newsletters, marketing materials and an industry journal published six times per year. With Across technology, PDC is now able to localize all content, no matter its source, within a single, centrally-managed environment.

About Priority Dispatch Corp.

Priority Dispatch Corp. is the leader in multi-service 9-1-1 dispatch call taking solutions, is endorsed by the internationally recognized International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™), and uses theirPriority Dispatch System™ (PDS™) protocols in all PDC products. 

PDC is the only company to use a comprehensive systems approach, providing substantial, frequent updates, a wide range of products and services, and an impressive 30-year track record of success. Historical statistics show that using PDS protocols and PDC products reduces the risk to field responders, lowers the cost and liability of emergency services for local governments, and increases the quality of service and citizen satisfaction. For more information, e-mail [email protected], call 800-363-9127, or visit the Web site at www.prioritydispatch.net.

About Across Systems (www.across.net)

Across Systems, based in Karlsbad, Germany, and in Glendale, CA, is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server – the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology.

The Across Language Server is a central software platform for all corporate language resources and for controlling translation processes and workflows. The system simplifies, accelerates, and improves the management, coordination, and implementation of translations. Open interfaces enable the direct integration of corresponding systems, e.g. CMS, catalog, or ERP solutions. By using Across, translation costs can be cut drastically, and the investment in Across usually pays off in a very short time. 

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