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62 Free Online Translation Dictionaries Offered by Lingotek and BYU

Friday, 8 June, 2007

From Arabic to Zulu, free dictionaries let language professionals find English word translations in 30 worldwide languages

PROVO, Utah -- Lingotek, in conjunction with Brigham Young University (BYU), today announced that it is offering free access to 62 online translation dictionaries for Lingotek's registered users. This development comes only weeks after Lingotek also began offering free access to its internationally popular Language Search Engine and other Web 2.0-based translation-related software tools.

"We're very pleased to make these 62 dictionaries free to all Lingotek users, just as we offered a free version of our language translation tool earlier this month," said Tim Hunt, founder and chief executive officer of Lingotek. "As is the case with our Open Translation Memory (TM) Vault, which consists of TMs voluntarily contributed by users and available to everyone, we expect these free online translation dictionaries will also grow in size and value based on additional voluntary contributions to come."

Language professionals who use the free dictionaries will still be able to import their own private dictionaries for use in conjunction with the new dictionaries. As with TMs and other documents, all private dictionaries loaded by users into the Lingotek system will remain private and are only available to other users if their owners grant access.

Lingotek is able to offer the free dictionaries through its relationship with BYU. "BYU has a long history in international language instruction and cultural education and we have one of the most linguistically skilled student bodies in the world," said Giovanni Tata, Ph.D. of BYU. "We are proud to be able to offer some of the fruits of our efforts to the international language community."

The dictionaries consist of English word translations to 31 different languages as well as those same 31 languages to English. "That we have offered them free of charge to all users is consistent with Lingotek's organizational goal to advance international translation and localization technologies and benefit the industry as a whole," Hunt said.

Language professionals may acquire a free Lingotek license by logging on to the Lingotek Web site at www.lingotek.com, clicking "create an account" and following the instructions. A list of the free dictionaries can be found at www.lingotek.com/byudict.html.

About Lingotek
Lingotek created the first Language Search engine, an online Google-like search and indexing tool for multilingual content. It helps translators find the same words with the same meaning in the same context in any language in the world. The software is a Web 2.0 solution that helps human translators translate faster, better, and cheaper. The company has raised $3 million in venture capital from Flywheel Ventures, Canopy Ventures and angel investors. More information may be found at www.lingotek.com

About BYU
Brigham Young University is a private university established in 1875 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Provo, Utah. Know for its academically minded and internationally experienced student body, its world-class teaching and its beautiful mountain location, BYU is also recognized for its extensive language programs, talented performing arts ensembles, outstanding sports programs and devotion to combining research and teaching. More information may be found at www.byu.edu.

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