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2M Language Services wins Export Category in the 2013 National Multicultural Marketing Awards

2M Language Services

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

2M Language Services won in the Export Category of the 2013 National Multicultural Marketing Awards at the Gala Presentation in Sydney tonight. 2M's Christiane Roll, Director of Sales, accepted the award on behalf of the company: "A great honour to be amongst these top Australian organisations tonight who have shown most creative and successful multicultural marketing initiatives. We are humbled to receive this award!". 

Each year the awards celebrate the accomplishments of businesses and organisations that have successfully implemented marketing initiatives that engage our multicultural population and encourage and reward the efforts of businesses and organisations that focus on the cultural diversity of Australia in their overall marketing strategies.

2M won the Export Category for a large project involving dubbing security videos for US giant Dupont into PNG Pidgin and a variety of other Asian languages including voice over production, script translations and adaptation.
The awards also aim to:

  • Highlight the responsibility of public sector managers to cater to the needs of the whole community and to fully inform all people about their services and activities.
  • Promote the advantages for commercial managers of marketing their product or service to every potential client or customer.
  • Stimulate creativity in marketing to a culturally diverse society.
  • Recognise work of a high marketing standard so as to inspire marketers who are not yet meeting the challenges of a culturally diverse society and do not enjoy the benefits of this market.
  • Promote a more equitable representation of our diversity as a nation through mass media marketing channels.