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1-Stop Translation launches new video remote Interpreting service


Tuesday, 29 January, 2013

 Los Angeles, California- February 03, 2013 — LA’s finest wholesale provider of Asian language services, 1- Stop Translation, announces its new efforts to take its services to the next level. With aims to improve and revamp the company, 1-Stop has added a new video remote interpreting service, also known as Vicki. This Internet-based solution helps organizations like yours meet the need for on demand multilingual interpretation and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, making Vicki the face and future of Interpreting.


“With a whole new initiative, and a new direction, we here at 1-stop are changing the meaning of interpretation. Our company has put forth full efforts supply to provide a fresh, innovative, and top quality program that enables its users to directly link with a qualified interpreter. We believe that this new service will ensure our prestigious reputation,” responded Founder and CEO Don Shin.


How does it work you ask? Vicki allows face to face interaction with a qualified interpreter on demand. This new technology ™ operates with a direct link to our video call center. Simply connect to an operator and ask for a language and you are connected to an interpreter. It is accessible from any Adobe® Flash® – capable device and effectively combines technology with human expertise and knowledge, providing you with qualified, face-to-face, on demand interpreting services – all at the click of a button. Your privacy is guaranteed and there is no need to download any software. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer or another handheld device equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers with access to Internet. There are several advantages to utilizing this service which includes; qualified and experienced interpreters, 24/7 availability, confidentiality, device flexibility, on demand service, portability, and scalability.


About 1-Stop Translation

1-Stop Translation is a wholesale provider of language services, with a unique specialty and expertise in Asian languages. It is your one stop source for all your Asian language needs. Since 2001 we have been providing exceptional translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, subtitling, dubbing, and localization services to over 400 global clients. 1- Stop translation prides itself in offering the best translation and the most affordable prices, with technical experts dedicated to the highest levels of quality and reliability.


For more information, please visit http://www.1stoptr.com/services.asp?id=96 Media Contact: Ariana Drummond,

213-480-0011 ext 1302|[email protected]