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E.g., 08/09/2020

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Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) – Made Easy with Janus WorldWide!

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Thursday, 21 May, 2020


No matter where you are in the world, over-the-phone services connect a live human interpreter via phone. It’s an ideal win-win solution when an individual may prefer to not have an interpreter present in the room, due to context specific communication or when the telephone is the primary means of communication. No matter how unexpected your needs are, our professional interpreters will provide accurate on-demand OPI interpreting for over 100 languages!

Over-the-phone interpreting is consecutive. The interpreter listens to a segment of the speaker’s speech, and then interprets from one language to another. This kind of interpreting has many advantages, such as:

No Limitations – ability to connect with an interpreter easily and cross all boundaries of language difference or geographical limitations.

24-hour Availability – availability around the clock. It helps vertical industries in solving crucial matters.

Anonymity – allows maintaining confidentiality. The remote interpreting option gives the confidence to talk freely. The communicating parties utilize the service without physical presence of an interpreter.

A language services company is the best choice if you need to connect with a qualified interpreter, expert in the subject matter specific for your situation. As a rule, such telephone calls are urgent. Here and now. Our company often helps clients in such situations and has extensive experience of coping with unique circumstances.

Bilingual interpreters

A particular instance of over-the-phone interpreting made us think of having bilingual interpreters to provide assistance to our clients at all times. A telephone conference was planned in advance, and the client had specified English as the working language in the Terms of Reference, while in fact it should have been German. Happily, the interpreter appointed for the project had a command of English and German. He easily switched over to the other language, and the conference was over in two hours.

Clear communication makes a difference

A client once called us who needed to discuss a contract with their partners urgently, as the supply of equipment had been delayed. When the client called them, he heard the male voice of an Asian Indian trying to speak English. Using another line, the client contacted us and asked for assistance in interpreting. The interpreter connected to the conversation by landline in just a minute. The negotiation took ten minutes and necessary agreements were achieved. The client was very happy and expressed their gratitude to Janus.

OPI interpreting – as easy as it sounds!

Over-the-phone services have allowed businesses to make international deals easy on the phone without any language barrier.

Janus Worldwide is one of the largest over-the-phone interpretation providers in Europe, available 24/7.