Luciana Ramos - Translation and Training


GALA Member

Leading-edge technologies, an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a sound linguistic background make an efficient combination for Luciana Ramos -- Translation and Training to offer reliable and flexible options for Software Localization, Specialized Translation, Consulting, and Professional Training and Coaching.Luciana Ramos - Translation and Training is a language service provider owned by a professional translator and interpreter with a long-standing presence in the Language and Technology industry, which, based on her sound linguistic background, broad experience in every link of the translation and localization supply chain (both as a linguist and a businesswoman), her specialist knowledge on language technologies and her research capabilities, offers a comprehensive array of professional services: scientific translation, software localization, telephone/on-site interpreting, professional training and coaching (for translators, vendor managers and project managers), as well as consulting on business organization and processes, Quality Assurance, and investments on technology.

  • Education and Training
  • Tools or Tech Development
  • Interpreting
  • Translation and Localization
  • Consulting

  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services

  • Western Europe
  • Americas