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XTRF is an innovative one-stop solution for any translation company. As a power tool for localization and translation service providers, XTRF™ offers full production, tracking, and reporting functions in a single user-friendly platform. XTRF delivers immediate time- and cost-savings through the automation of various translation company processes, resulting in an all-encompassing environment that practically runs itself. Tomasz Mróz focuses on those actions which can be automatically performed by XTRF without any work from your employees. This includes management of simple projects, invoicing, estimations, client updating, and provider registration. With these and other XTRF features, the system helps speed up the work in your production, financial and HR departments. This can lead to a substantial reduction in your fixed costs.

Tomasz Mróz

Tomasz Mróz is a graduate (2001) of the Economics Faculty from Krakow University of Economics. During his professional career he has gained wide experience in different fields of activities including media and telecommunication. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.