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E.g., 07/11/2020
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In November 2017, Robert Etches predicted that the language industry would see the first blockchain project within the next 18 months. Nine months later, there are at least five concrete projects, and no doubt more are on the drawing board. Why now? Why this sudden explosion of innovation in an industry that has pretty much stuck to the same tried and trusted formula for 20+ years?

In this webinar, Robert will be joined by five panelists to try and put this new technology in perspective. What makes blockchain a good fit for the language industry? What’s an ICO, why create a cryptocurrency, why should anyone work for tokens … and what’s fiat?! 

One thing’s for sure: there’s a lot of energy and passion around the entire blockchain movement. A bit like the dotcom era for those of you old enough to remember! So, come and join us for a fun hour of conversation and education. We work in one of the most exciting industries in the world and it just got a touch more exciting!

Robert Etches

A dynamic actor in the language industry for 30 years, achieving particular success as CIO at TextMinded (2012-2017). Always active in the community, Robert was co-founder of the Word Management Group (1996-2006), the TextMinded Group (2007-2013), and the Nordic CAT Group (2011-2013). He served four years (2013-2016) on the Board of GALA (two as Chairman), and four on the Board of LT-Innovate (2015-2018). A known industry speaker on the need to embrace innovation and change.

Anna Pietruszka

Anna is a Change Maker with extensive experience in business model design, transformation and shaping. A Transformation Leader with wide-range experience in designing and managing complex change processes. Business model creator, developing and implementing strategies around company growth and mergers and acquisitions.

Madhuri Hegde

Madhuri has almost 20 years of experience with translation, cross-cultural communication, marketing, software localization and entrepreneurship in different countries. Madhuri has an excellent perspective of the challenges faced by businesses worldwide – and valuable insights into how they can be overcome. Madhuri works with localization automation, e-learning, entrepreneurship, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT.

Gert Van Assche

Gert is a veteran innovator in the language services industry, helping companies to invent, build and implement scalable translation solutions for more than 20 years. He is co-founder of Symbyonics, a company focused on improving the efficiency of machine-mediated labour markets while embedding Fair Trade principles at the boundary between humans and machines. Gert is also the Managing Director of Datamundi, a company specialized in measuring the intelligence of neural networks and creating productivity technology on demand.

Krzysztof Zdanowski

Krzysztof is dedicated to developing new ways of doing business by following his life values: flexibility and transparency. He established his first translation brand, Spectraling in 2009, which soon became part of the Summa Linguae Group. As CEO of Summa Linguae, Krzysztof has developed a unique business model based on a mix of organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. He took the company public after six years and, to-date, has successfully closed eight acquisitions.

Jaromir Dzialo

Proven, seasoned (20 years) CTO and Software Engineering Manager. Built and successfully exited a semantic text processing start-up in Silicon Valley. Designed and implemented software solutions for Swiss banking domain, risk scoring analysis software, lending solutions, social network with 330 million userbase (1,000+ servers), and digital content distribution network for 95% of cinemas in Switzerland. Technical and product advisor to funds, helped investing in 50+ projects (up to >25x ROI). Jaromir has been a judge, mentor, and speaker at 50+ start-up events.