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E.g., 04/02/2020
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Bob Donaldson talks about improving efficiency with technology integration. Learn what technology vendors won't tell you...and why. We often hear from technology vendors that their particular tool is the key to efficiency, effectiveness, quality, business growth etc., but reality teaches us that it is not that simple. No technology can install itself, train its users (our staff) and integrate itself into our existing technology environment. Furthermore, integration -- both within our own organization and across organizational boundaries -- is the real key to improved efficiency. In this presentation, Bob addresses seven common omissions in vendor presentations and suggest ways for technology buyers to fill in the gaps.

Bob Donaldson

Bob Donaldson is a well-known speaker and sought after strategic consultant in language technology tools and language service business models. He is currently serving as chief technology strategist for text & form among other smaller consulting engagements, and previously served McElroy Translation as vice president of strategy. Before McElroy, Donaldson worked with companies in many industries, helping them with strategic technology decisions and deployments.