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Web-based Proofreading and Post-editing with translate5 and MQM

Marc Mittag

Thursday, 05 June, 2014
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Marc Mittag demonstrates translate5, a browser-based OpenSource system for editing and analyzing translations. In translate5, users can edit, comment, filter, and sort translations. The tool supports supports terminology tagging, relay languages, and reference files, and includes components for workflow, task management, and user administration.

You can get involved in translate5! Contribute your ideas and expertise to the future development of this great tool — contact [email protected]

Marc Mittag

Marc Mittag is head of “MittagQI – Quality Informatics” and founder and enthusiastic lead developer of translate5 – the open source proofReading and postEditing environment. Marc started developing software in 2000 and working in the IT-centric part of the language industry in 2002. In 2009 he founded his company MittagQI, which focuses on building software and technical consulting for the language industry (with translate5 as a main project). Until he founded is own company, he worked as head of the translation-centric IT-department of a mid-sized LSP.