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E.g., 07/11/2020
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Come explore how to effectively engage markets around the world by speaking the local language with local market credibility through professional narration and voice-overs. This session examines how successful implementations work regardless of the product, service, or offering. From the initial contact with in-country partners and their customers to translation, localization, voice-over, multimedia, television, and the final production deliverables, this presentation shares decades of experience. Examples of good, not-so-good, and truly awkward localization projects will be used as case studies to solidify concepts presented.

Marcus Graham

Since 1985, Marcus Graham, founder and CEO of GM Voices, has helped Fortune 1000 and communications companies improve their brand through studio-produced voices for automated attendant and call center telephony, telematics and other technologies that utilize prerecorded voices as part of the user interface. With over 1,000 voice actors covering over 100 languages and dialects, GM Voices has proven to be a great resource for voice-overs used in company videos and eLearning modules.