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E.g., 07/14/2020
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Identifying the right products and content to localize is critical for any enterprise globalization team to maximize business impact and meet in-country requirements. GEO alignment plays a key role in this process. This webinar reviews best practices on how to effectively collect requirements from a country and how to identify key stakeholders, sponsors and supporters for globalization. You will also learn how to effectively position GEO alignment within a globalization team. This webinar will be particularly helpful for enterprise globalization leaders, globalization planners, and strategists.

Weili Xu

Weili Xu is Senior Strategy Manager at NetApp. Weili manages the Globalization Strategy roadmaps, plans, investment, and finance model for the NetApp globalization team. In 2018, Weili helped launch the Women in Localization Chapter in Beijing, China, where she is the Assistant Chapter Manager. Prior to NetApp, she held key positions at VMware’s Globalization Team and Huawei Technology’s Business Development Team. Weili holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has travelled the world and has worked in the States, and India giving her significant exposure to globalization and work models in international environments that require diplomacy, and a studied approach to make business thrive worldwide.