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Finding an interpreter at the eleventh hour. It’s about ‘time’!" Presented By: Claudinei Nunes da Silva and Jérémy Engel
Conference and meeting organizers must compete for a common and limited pool of freelance interpreters. Recruiters face significant challenges filling job assignments and managing the multitude of communication needs between interpreters and employers. To streamline this process, a new Internet-based organizational plan - Interlink Pro - was recently introduced in Geneva (the world’s second largest interpretation hub). This new concept automates the conventional hiring process from A to Z, making it as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3.  It not only provides recruiters with real-time availability of interpreters and a plethora of tools to manage communication, it gives interpreters much more visibility through a customized profile system.

Interprefy Cloud-based platform enabling remote interpreting for conferences - Presented By: Kim Ludvigsen
Existing technology for remote interpreting at conference hasn’t changed appreciably since the 1960s, and is still made up of expensive, hardware-based systems that are expensive and cumbersome. The 2015 global market is estimated at US $8 billion and growing at 7% per annum. With modern base technologies such as smart devices, Internet, and cloud computing, now is a good time to consider more up-to-date options. Interprefy is a web-based platform for simultaneous interpreting at conferences that enables conference delegates to use their smartphones as headsets. The interpreters need not be present at the conference venue, but can work remotely. A startup, Interprefy offers an important example of how new technology can be leveraged to grab the new, rapidly evolving market opportunities in conference interpreting.

Claundinei Nunes da Silva

Co-Founder at Interlink Pro

Jérémy Engel

Jérémy Engel is the co-founder of Interlink Pro, an innovative platform recently created that allows employers to hire professional interpreters in less than 45 seconds. Jérémy is also a freelance conference interpreter who has worked over the last five years for the UN institutions in Geneva. He also works as a consultant interpreter for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and organizes the interpretation for high level conferences with teams up to 24 interpreters. Jeremy gained a European Masters in Conference Interpreting from the University of Westminster. He also holds a Masters in International Business. AIIC member. Kim Ludvigsen

Kim Ludvigsen

Kim is originally Danish, but has lived most of his life in Switzerland. He hold a MSc in Egineering from the ETH in Zürich and an MBA from INSEAD. After having worked in as a Management Consultant (Accenture, Apax) and M&A specialist (Apax, Capital Stage and Swiss Post), Kim became a start-up coach and entrepreneur. He has founded several technology start-ups, among others Interprefy AG, which has developed a could based platform for remote live interpreting.