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E.g., 07/03/2020
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From our experience, 7 of 10 translation companies lose up to 50% of profits by failing to manage their translation teams efficiently. This webinar covers the following topics:

1. Project management is more than just getting the translation done. From sourcing the right vendors to wrestling global payouts, there are many aspects in translation project management that come before the project arrives or after it is already delivered. These are often overlooked and result in disproportionate effort spent on non-productive activities. We’ll discuss them in detail and provide some real-world examples.

2. Teams are crucial to project management in today’s world. With customers’ quality requirements increasing and competition getting tougher, having the right team at hand and having the right team culture is more important than ever. We’ll share the best practices we have gathered over the last few years regarding project team management.

3. Building your team and tools into a unified ecosystem improves your bottom line. Translation is a low-margin business, so even a small addition to profits or reduction to costs can make all the difference. We discuss how having a harmonized ecosystem helps you sanitize your workflow and earn more.

Alex Muntyan

Passionate about technology and people, Alex Muntyan is the Jedi of business processes automation. He has been in this field for more than seven years assisting a variety of organizations — from banks to media and scientific institutions — to deploy the technology and break new ground. At Smartcat, Alex’s mission is to move customers to the light side of the force, help them hit their goals using the platform in the most impactful way, and grow their business. When he has time, he lectures at European universities and spreads the word about cutting-edge translation automation technologies or plays ice hockey.