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E.g., 09/29/2020
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With 11 official languages, and on the continent of Africa which has the fastest growing population in the world, the translation industry in South Africa is buzzing. South Africa’s new generation (like the rest of the world) will live in a digital world driven by individual preferences and high expectations for personalised content in their mother-tongue. This is an enormous opportunity and will open many doors to linguists and language service providers to work with clients, agencies and MLV’s to translate and localise their content into South African languages.

Our challenges are ensuring that our linguists have all the training, tools and technology required to translate and localise to the standards of our European counterparts and to keep abreast with trends in the translation industry.

This webinar provides a quick recap of the recent meeting of the South African Translators Institute and will then discuss the opportunities and challenges for the translation industry in South Africa.

Sharon Tabraham

Sharon Tabraham is the founder and CEO of ST Communications based in Cape Town, South Africa. Sharon started her company in 2008 in her spare bedroom and through hard work and dedication, has grown the company to include an in-house team of translators and project managers. Focusing and specializing in African languages, localizing Africa is her dream and passion!