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E.g., 09/25/2020
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This talk discusses key challenges associated with supporting translation of offerings by development organizations transitioning from waterfall-like processes to more agile continuous delivery methodologies. 

Development teams are under pressure to deliver function and capabilities rapidly, yet they often must wait for translation processes to catch up. New approaches leverage enhanced machine translation technologies and enable development teams to get the speed of MT yet have the flexibility to incorporate human post-editing. Modern software DevOps encourages greater amounts of automation so teams can quickly experiment, collect feedback, and iterate on their solution. 

To support such a development philosophy, translation processes need to be rethought so teams can get the flexibility they need and enable them to better balance speed, quality, and cost of translating.

Steven Atkin

Steven Atkin is the Chief Globalization Architect at IBM and is responsible for establishing the globalization strategy for IBM products. Steven has been working on globalization issues at IBM for 20 years and now focuses on globalization challenges encountered as developers transition to the cloud. He is responsible for the architecture for IBM’s Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix.