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E.g., 10/30/2020
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“I have no time” – that’s the most frequent problem of those who manage their own business and the translation business is no exception. Something always has to be done urgently: negotiate prices with clients, ensure that all projects are delivered in time, create invoices and track payments, control quality, and much more. These routines pull a CEO into a hamster wheel and even working overtime does not help to get out of it.

This webinar is about how not to get trapped in the vicious circle of "not having time" (or how to get out of it if you are there) with the help of translation business management tools. It is intended mainly for the leaders of translation companies and teams that want to grow and are struggling to do so because overwhelming daily routines do not leave any time for strategic thinking.


Volodymyr Kukharenko

Volodymyr Kukharenko has been working in the translation and localization industry for 20 years. After working as a translator and editor for 5 years he switched to managing projects and translation teams. After another 5 years he founded and managed a translation company which is currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing companies in the Ukraine. In 2015 he started Protemos to create software and help LSPs manage their business processes.